Lowepro Pro Runner X350AW Review

Lowepro x350 AW Review

I’ve always felt like Goldilocks when trying to find a perfect camera backpack to transport my DSLR video gear. This bag is too big. That bag is too small. This bag is too heavy. That bag doesn’t have enough pockets.

But I was recently hired by a wedding videography company and finding the “just right” DSLR camera bag became essential. I decided on a rolling backpack to maintain portability (pick up and go) while having the option to take the weight off of me and roll when I could. And in the end I decided on the Lowepro Pro Runner x350 AW DSLR Backpack.

You can watch the review of the Lowepro Pro Runner X350AW in the video below. I apologize for the video quality. I had to quickly film this at midnight so that I could use the bag the next day.

Quick Specs:
Price: mid $200 range
Dimensions: 11.2” x 13” x 18.3”
Weight: 9-10 pounds
*Rain cover and tripod holder included.

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