How to View Video Metadata / Exif Data

In more recent Canon camera bodies, the exif or metadata is placed within the .mov file itself. I have the T3i, SL1, and 5D Mark III which all store the information in the .mov file. The metadata will give you information on the camera settings (lens used, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, frame rate, etc.) that were used at the time of recording the movie file.

Steps to reveal the metadata information for your movie files:

1. Install Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software.

The Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software came packaged with your camera. The Canon website offers a free download if you don’t want to dig through all your stuff looking for the software CD (because really with plug and play technology nowadays who really installs the software that comes packaged with the product?). You’ll want to search for your camera model and look for the Drivers & Software section. Select your Operating System and find the EOS Digital Solutions Disk Software:


2. View the Data

Once you’ve got DPP up and running, navigate to where your movie file is stored. Select on the file and click on the Info button on the top menu bar (or you can right click on the image and select Info).

If you have an older Canon camera model. . .

A .thm file is generated along with your .mov file. This .thm file holds the metadata, but to view the information you’d have to first change the file extension to .jpg. Next use a program such as Photoshop that is able to read the exif data.

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