How to Download & Install Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern is a free firmware add on that provides a whole host of features to your camera, like an intervalometer, HDR video, RAW video, focus peaking, ability to zoom while recording video, and much more.

Watch the video for a walkthrough or skip to the summary of the steps below:


The Steps:

  1. Determine the current firmware on your camera. Update to the most current Canon firmware if necessary.
  2. Download the build that matches your Canon body and firmware version from the Magic Lantern website.
  3. Format a memory card.
  4. Unzip and move the Magic Lantern files that you downloaded onto the memory card.
  5. Put your memory card in your camera and update the firmware.

Magic Lantern is not the most user friendly, so follow along with me in my Magic Lantern Monday series as I learn more about how to use the myriad of features that the firmware offers.

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