DSLR Video Assignment #1: Turn Off The Lights

This very first homework assignment that I’m giving to myself (and any other takers who want the challenge) is the most important. What do I mean by turning off the lights? Well basically, just go into a dark area and see if you know your camera well enough to operate it in the dark.

    In the dark, can you:

  • Turn on the camera?
  • Get into video mode?
  • Set the frame rate?
  • Set the shutter speed?
  • Set the aperture?
  • Set the ISO?
  • Adjust the picture style?
  • Adjust the white balance?
  • Start recording?

You’ll want to build up muscle memory for your DSLR so that when it comes time to actually start recording, you’ll know instantaneously what to do. No more missing footage because you were fumbling around with the dials trying to figure out how to change a setting. Go ahead and practice some night photography and videography and see if you can take a decent picture without being able to see the camera buttons. With photography you get the added benefit of longer shutter speeds to let in more light. With video, it might be a little harder to capture great footage in the dark since your shutter speed range is limited.

If you’re left in the dark about what all those previously mentioned settings mean, then check out the related posts listed below or grab a flash light and brush up on your camera manual.

Study Break: DARK Knight Trivia

For the very first time in feature filmmaking, IMAX cameras were used to capture some footage for the Dark Knight movie. IMAX cameras offer unmatched resolution, but the cameras are bulky and loud. And expensive! One of the IMAX cameras was destroyed during the semi-truck chase scene. Cost to replace? $500,000! At the time of filming, the camera was only 1 of 4 IMAX cameras in the world.

Credit for the info: The Dark Knight Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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