Creating Video Light Streaks with Magic Lantern

I’ve always been fascinated with sparklers, and I think one of the reasons why is because of the way it leaves a light trail behind so that you can draw pictures in the sky, if only for a moment. Unfortunately, the use of sparklers has been outlawed in my state so now I have to resort to using flashlights and light painting. While light painting with pictures is just fine and dandy, it can’t really capture the movement of seeing the light source actually drawing out the shape, word, or pattern. This is where video comes in. I’m sure you’ve already seen commercials using an effect with light streaks in video. If you haven’t then check out this video below:

Eager to quench my thirst for knowledge, I wanted to see if I too could recreate the video light streaking effect. Watch the results of my efforts here:

In summary, Magic Lantern allows us to create some video streaking by using the frame rate override function. We want to have the least amount of frames per second so that we can extend the time the shutter stays open for, which produces the streaking/blurring of the light.

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