Canon SL1 / EOS 100 D versus Canon 5D Mark III Moire Test

Head to head moire challenge:

Contestant #1: Canon SL1


Contestant #2: Canon 5D Mark III

For this very unscientific test, I printed out a chart with lines converging into a center point. As the lines get closer together towards the center of the circle you can see moire is introduce into the footage. The same Tamron 70-300mm lens was used on both camera bodies and the camera settings were identical. I took into account the SL1’s crop factor and adjusted the focal length in order to have a relatively same field of view.

The Test Footage:

The Results:

It may be just because I have untrained eyes or didn’t view the footage at a high enough resolution but the moire between the Sl1 and 5D Mark III didn’t look too different? Shouldn’t I expect to see a difference between one of the top of the line camera bodies (5D Mark III) vs one on the lower end (SL1)?

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