Canon SL1 / EOS 100 D Noise Level Test

Right now I’m in the process of testing out the Canon SL1, also known as the EOS 100D. So in this test I wanted to see which ISO levels were optimal for this particular camera. For beginners out there, ISO controls your camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO the more sensitive it is to light, meaning that you can capture footage in low lit areas. However, boosting the ISO introduces more noise into the footage, which are those grainy spots that often show up.

Test Procedure

In this test, I kept my lens cap on and recorded video footage at each of the different ISO levels. In post, I increased the exposure by an equal amount for all clips in order to emphasize the noise produced.

And here are the results for the SL1:


It looks like noticeable noise is introduced at ISO 3200, and if we up the ISO all the way to 12800 the SL1 produces a significant amount of noise. ISO levels 100-1600 fair pretty well, so I’ll be comfortable with filming in those ranges.

However, don’t get too scared from looking at the footage. As noted previously, the footage was enhanced in post in order to emphasize the noise levels. The noise shouldn’t look this bad in your actual footage.

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