Amazon Tip #2: Price Customization


Did you know that online shopping is more like buying a car where each individual customer may not be offered the same price for an identical product?

Based on background information like buying habits, one Amazon customer may be offered a higher price than another customer for the same product, much like a car dealer would mostly likely offer a higher starting price to a customer dressed in an Armani suit versus another customer in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Online sites such as track the amount you’ve spent on similar items in the past and may adjust prices accordingly. This is called price customization and could affect you negatively in cases where Amazon offers you a higher price for a product as compared to other shoppers. CNN offers a more in depth review of the topic, including it’s legality. Some Amazon customers have also speculated that if they are Amazon Prime members, they are being shown higher prices for products.

How Do You Prevent Negative Effects of Price Customization?

To prevent negative effects of price customization first check the price of a product when you are signed into your Amazon account. Next sign out of your account and clear your Internet cookies.* Search for the desired product and check for a price discrepancy as compared to when you were signed in.


*Please note that if you click on an Amazon link on my blog and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission (with no extra cost to you). However, if you clear your cookies prior to purchasing an item, I will no longer receive the credit. Knowing this, I’m still posting this tip because I believe in putting forth the best content over making money. So if this blog has helped you in any way please feel free to give back by clicking on an ad just prior to purchasing an item. Thank you!

Another way to avoid over paying with price customization is to follow the next tip. »

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