Amazon Tip #10: Trade In or Sell

Amazon’s return policy is great and all, but what if you dropped the ball and forgot to return your item within the allocated return period? Amazon offers two options for you to get some money back: trade in or sell. You don’t even have to have purchased the item from Amazon in order for you to trade it in or sell it on Amazon.

Trade In


With Amazon’s trade in program, you can trade in your item for an Amazon gift card. To see if an item is eligible for trade in search the trade in store. On the product page, you’ll see a little box that says “Sell Us Your Item” with the gift card amount that Amazon is willing to give you for the item. If that works for you then click the button to “Trade In” and follow the prompts. Make sure that your item to trade in matches the product description exactly.



Whereas you get a gift card when you trade in your item, you actually get money back when you sell your item on Amazon. I personally have not yet sold anything on but I have a few friends who have successfully sold items and have recommended it to me. One good thing I’ve heard is that unlike eBay, doesn’t have listing fees. However, there is a fee if your item sells. The details of selling on Amazon is much too intricate for this post, so if you’re interested in the service you can check out Amazon’s website.


Well that wraps up the tips that I have for now. I hope they help to save you some cash and get you some good freebies. Know what else is free? Helping to support my site by clicking on the ads – only if you want to though. 🙂 Thank you and happy shopping!

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